Mansion in May Designer Show House

We have taken on a challenging space at the “Mansions in May Designer Show House.” A tradition in Morris County for many years. We have the primary Living room, Room 2, this year. The Show house is for a wonderful cause for the Morristown Hospital.

The challenge for us was to take very period room with gold accents, columns and hand painted ceiling of roses and garland and transform it into a contemporary space that is ready to live in for the 21st Century. Here is a picture of the room before (with the new flooring):


We are excited to say that we have done it. We have created a warm, sexy, and inviting room that speaks to the period quality of the room and allows the inhabitant to live for today.

The first design change that we made was to remove the paisley wall paper and hand paint the walls in an ombre finish from blue at the top to a dusty taupe at the chair rail. We applied vines of roses around the top of the walls to bring the ceiling more into focus and unite it to the walls. With all of this color we decided to create all of our upholstered furniture in neutrals from dark taupe to white. We have used raw silk, silk velvet, dupioni silk, and woven crocodile linens.

Marck Polo

Photography by: Marco Ricca Studio

Our bridge to antiquity is trimming everything in traditional trims, boule and ball fringes and wonderful silk cords. Also we have a “collected mix of furniture that spans the time periods from when the house was built (1914). We have used a Hunzinger Card table, empire end tables that hold collections that we all collect over the years. There is a wonderfully huge hall mirror against the wall and a lacquer Chinese cabinet that just speaks to what collectors collected in the turn of the century.

The rugs are such fun. I love to be able to pull my shoes off and relax in any kind of room. This room is no exception.We used a long fiber shag rug as our center piece under the sofas with lots of silk and velvet pillows on the sofas so you can fall down and fall asleep. The cocktail table is a signature. We used outdoor stone garden spheres as the base anchored by hand forged bronze cuffs for stability.

Marck Polo

Photography by: Marco Ricca Studio

Art and collections abound as I believe that what defines us is the choice of collections and art. A proper room is curated carefully so that what you love is highlighted and enhanced instead of gobbled up.

The lighting is unique. We have taken down the iron and crystal chandelier and replaced it with a more contemporary spider chandelier in gold and the original sconces of no merit were replaced with long arm bracket lights in gold to highlight the art on the walls.

This is a wonderful mix that will be timeless. We hope you visit our space at the Mansion in May Designer Show House. Schedule your visit to see our work and enjoy the day!

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