How to Brighten your Dining Room without a Chandelier

“Having guests around the table is one of the most intimate social experiences. We gather friends and family. We want them to feel invited, cherished, and loved. Setting the stage with lighting helps create this ambiance.” – Mark A. Polo

How to brighten your dining room without the use of a chandelier? Typically, I would say magic! In the photo above, we used two table lamps with thin wire frames so that they were see-through. This is a very important element in lighting a table filled with guests.

This particular application was necessary because the ceiling was adorned with hand-shaped plaster relief moldings, so it would have been dangerous to break in to the ceiling to install a chandelier.

That being said, we designed a custom glass and wood base table that accommodated the table lights through holes in the glass. If you don’t have a glass table, another solution is to run electrical wires under a table runner and secure the wire to the underside of the table that traces down the leg or base to a receptacle in the floor.

Share your thoughts about lamps on a dining table, we would love to hear from you!

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