Accessorizing: The Final stage in Constructing the “Canvas” that is Your Home

As a pithy movie character said…”Accessorizing is what separates us from the animals.” This could not be truer.

When I am constructing the canvas of a room for a client or for home staging, I am always accessing several levels of their needs and desires. Whether it is living in the project or for selling your home, accessorizing is very important.

After the architecture of the space, the function of the furniture, the color balance and the textures, there is the important component of accessorizing. What does that mean to a client?

buckingham Residence 020

This is the client’s signature on their home. This is where the personality of the client forms and makes the space original and unique. It is the final stage in establishing the uniqueness of their environment.

I use this process for all of my clientele. I assess what I have seen that they already possess. Whether its wall art, collections that they have lived with over the years, and the direction that the years have taken them. Their personalities shine through in the things that they acquire. It is important to put their possessions in context to the overall time they have lived in their homes. A competent designer will notice the changes and be aware of the development of their tastes and the change in direction that they have taken.

buckingham Residence 016

After all of this is established, I comb my resources, both new and antique. This takes me across the country and largely across the world in search of things that will please the client. We also have a large collection of things that we acquire when we see them so that all of our clients have immediate accessibility to finish their project. We acquire items all the time that are in varying directions as every client is unique…and should be treated that way. If we love something we acquire it.

buckingham Residence 013

Too often I see one note when I view the result presented by other designers. I guess when you have a formula and it works …don’t fix it. However, I believe a client deserves more from a designer, otherwise why is it we are in this relationship? Our job, and dare I say mission, is to find a design direction in their homes that establishes their personalities effectively, beautifully and most importantly uniquely.

Whether we are designing a project for a client living in their home or we are staging a client’s home for sale, accessorizing is very important to add the final accent to enhance a feature of the home and put the proverbial cherry on the sundae.

We encourage you to explore our website and our portfolio of homes to show you how we approach the uniqueness of our designs.

Are you contemplating a new project?  Are you selling your home and are looking for the right way to proceed? We would be happy to help you achieve your goals. E-mail with the details of your project and your questions.

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