Wood Flooring for your Family Room: 3 Things to Consider

You are ready to redecorate your family room. It currently has carpeting and you are thinking of changing it to wood flooring for your family room. When we work with clients in northern New Jersey, we are often asked to help them choose the best wood flooring. Here is what we recommend:

3 Factors that should be considered about Wood Flooring for your Family Room:

1) Your Family & Pets:  Do you have a family? And by family, I not only mean children, but I mean pets. What are the ages of all concerned, specifically pets. This determines the level of abuse that the new flooring will receive. We need to be honest here about this so that you get the right fit. If we have a litter problem from cats or dogs a vinyl plank might be in order. If there is a pool and the path to the bathrooms and it is through this room than the same applies. Water proof vinyl plank is an advantage.

2) How You Use the Room:  If this room is for night time TV and entertainment then a more delicate floor can be recommended like a wood species. In this case, our wish is always solid hardwood flooring but if you are in a home that you only use on weekends or during the summer and there is nominal use or a dramatic temperature change then engineer wood flooring for your family room may be more appropriate.

3) Do You Want Heated Floors:  Wood flooring does not conduct heat as readily as tile flooring. This is why tile is used in places like passive solar areas and green house extensions to home.  But with today’s tile, we can simulate the visual warmth of wood without the fragility of it. If you decide to have heated floors and want wood then choose wood that is no wider than 3 inches as cupping can be a problem, always check with the manufacturer before purchasing it. Also certain species of wood are not recommended for heat application.


Additionally, installation of wood flooring lends itself to a layered look using area rugs, which creates a warm and intimate environment.

So, which wood flooring for your family room is right for you? Assess your needs, know where you want to go according to your style and get started. There is nothing better than customizing your environment to fit your family’s life and lifestyle.

The Urban Dweller has often started our best projects with installation of flooring. In fact, you can visit our portfolio to check out some of our latest projects.

If you are are interested in finding out how we can transform your home, contact us to schedule a consultation to assess your needs. Get the home about which you have dreamed.

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