Designing Unique Interiors Tailored to the Individual

In a world of fast food, the internet assault of information, and companies trying to sell you everything from exotic trips to cheaper “everything”, when it comes to furnishing your home, it is important to take a breath and do what is best for you.

Other than the purchase of your home, your biggest financial outlay is in the furnishing of that home. The furnishings you buy will live with you for a long as you reside in that home. So, it is important to understand your home and assess your needs combining those solutions with a fashionable outcome. This is the goal but it is often times coupled with confusion, hasty decisions and furnishing the basement with your mistakes. The goal is to plan for what you need today and how all of it may function for you over the course of your stay.


You search for a color, a silhouette, a texture that excites you. You search the internet round the clock…..only to find a jumble of information that often times leads to overwhelming confusion.

All this being said, what should you do?  Well, the solution is hidden in hiring Polo M.A. Inc. because when you shake out of all the confusion it is not about a piece of furniture, a color, or a piece of art.


It is about how your life is interpreted within the context of living in your home. How many people are there? What are the ages? Who has special needs? Is someone taller than average? There are hundreds of these questions that are sometimes left unanswered by your search for which we can find the answers. We just ask, probe, and know where to look, how to interpret. When the answers are finally there, we have the ability to execute the findings into a wonderfully individual outcome.

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Individual design is what makes our interior design firm different. We design interiors that are tailored to each persons personality. It does not matter whether you want traditional, contemporary, country or transitional. That is not the focus that we emphasize first. First we think about you in your home, then the rest falls into place with extensive research, expertise, and just talking to you. The most important outcome from that process is the fact that we actually listen to the answers and then put them into action. We establish your “Design Fingerprint”, therefore …creating a home….as individual as you are unique.

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