The natural result of window seats

I am an ardent fan of window seats. Sounds corny doesn’t it? They perform several functions in a room that are all added benefits to design and life in general.

First: Contemporary or traditional window seat is a place where you can retreat privately without ever closing a door. It is where the art of architecture and the art of decoration join hands.

Second: You can experience nature  the snow…a gentle rain or the healing warmth of the morning sun. Well dressed they can be a room within a room and create a space to read, connect on social media or sleep all within several square feet. It becomes your personal space even though you might be sharing the room with someone else.

Third: The architectural punch out of a window seat adds layered detail to a room already established, affording a different plane of interest. It is where outside and inside become partners in your comfort.

And if you are thinking of selling or adding something to your home and want it to have lasting value, window seats never go out of style. The first thing a potential buyer says when they see a window seat in a property they are viewing is…”I could read a book there..” Even if they hardly ever have the time to pick up a book or a kindle, they at that moment bind emotionally to the property. Win, win.

Tell us your experiences with window seats….where is your favorite place to relax or read?

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