Saddle River New Jersey Show House…Why?

Why I participate in Designer Show Houses:

When I am in the midst of putting together a room in a Designer Show House in Saddle River N.J., I have continually pondered: “Why do I put myself and my craftsmen through this torture? And for the most part it is torturous both in time and effort. But there are some real concrete reasons that make these show stoppers worth the ride.

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  • When someone views a show house room, it is in real time and real place. There are absorbing the atmosphere, feeling the shapes and colors. They feel the textures and the continual elemental tension created by the groupings that they see. It is impossible to get the same response from a photo in a magazine or on line in a website.

Montclair 06' 001

  • It is real. There are no stylists making the photo perfect. There are no dramatic angles with special lenses that stretch or distort reality.

Englewood-Showhouse -Polo MA

  • A potential client gets to see how you interpret the space for which you were chosen. It is as random as a client coming into your office and deciding that they want you to do their home. Your design sense and interpretation needs to be nimble and on target taking all information into account and acting quickly and efficiently.
  • The comradery…..we as designers often get caught up in our own little world of creation, which can be an isolating experience. When you are constructing a show house you are working alongside professionals who are at the top of their game…it is invigorating, fun and challenging.
  • I get to see and sometimes even share a meal with the designers in my industry during this time. It is invaluable to touch base with these amazing and quirky and interesting friends that a busy life has a tendency to pass over on a day to day basis.
  • Master Bed
  • I exercise my brain in new and different ways. I try things and combinations that I have not tested in the field and it gives me a platform to look at the creative process freely without constraints so I get to explore the art of my craft. I explore shapes and products that I have not used. I think that it is the responsibility of a Designer to keep growing and investigating the industry to which we belong.

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  • It is important to contribute back to society. We often get caught up in a very self-centric world. By participating in a Show House you give back not only to your industry but specifically to the Charity of Choice. I have worked in the past for Hospitals, food banks, nursing care organizations, junior leagues. All perform the services to the community that we ask to help those in need.

Homdel showhouse 95' pool house

  • I love working with the volunteers and the show management. They are dedicated and focused. They understand that a Show House always needs to be a success. The proceeds often fund a large portion of their year’s expenses. I have worked with volunteers and Management in three Saddle River Show Houses, and with others in Manhattan, Rumson, Englewood, Little Silver, Holmdel, and Long Island.

In spite of all of these reasons, I still ask myself, “Why do I put myself through this every year, sometimes twice a year for the past thirty some years?” Why? I love it and the energy that it gives me to be the best that I can be.

Manhattan showhouse 84' overall

Do you love the energy of Designer Show Houses and want to see the best and most fashionable of furniture design?

Come see our newest efforts at: 104 East Saddle River Road, Saddle River, NJ. Visit the Stately Homes Saddle River Show House 2015 website for more information at:

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