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We have an exciting new chapter for The Urban Dweller and Polo M.A. Inc. We are staging homes for the real estate market. In a short time, this venture has taken off like a wild fire. Our designs for staging are as unique as the designs for our clientele.

We believe that staging needs to be specific to the house being sold. Generic furnishings just don’t cut it. We evaluate each house, find out from the real estate professional who the target market is for the specific house. Then we furnish according to the market that would be attracted to the property.

We have a large inventory of furnishings that is growing all the time. We have the ability to personalize the home as if the “right person” is living there. Our designs accent and enhance the inherent features of the home and help the potential buyer see themselves living there.At Home Libraries are Still Popular for Homeowners


It has been proven that a staged home which has two different categories actually sells a home 20%faster than homes that are left untouched or empty.

There are two categories of homes:

  • Owners in residence
  • An empty home where the owners have moved on.

 Owners in Residence – People who have lived in their homes for a number of years don’t see how the use of the home has gotten away from them. There are extraneous pieces of furniture, excessive amounts of clutter and overabundance of personal items cluttering the view of the home, distracting the potential buyer from seeing the house as theirs.

To solve these issues, we declutter the home, using a pod if necessary.  We store the excess on the property. This also helps the process of starting to “pack up”. It is important that a neutral trained eye completes this process. There is no emotion involved and it becomes all about the sale of the home. We then access the needs, bring in furniture where necessary…paint, touch up and tweak the architecture so that it is enhanced and the buyers can see beyond the old wallpapers and personalized touches that are old and unwanted. We assess your closets and storage to make the home look spacious and filled with potential for the new owner. We even have the ability to bring in landscapers and exterior trades to fix whatever issues are apparent.

Empty Homes –  Often times homes are vacant through transfers, job changes and just the fact that the owner’s new property has been completed and they are excited to move into it. This leaves an empty home that has been left with old details, tired walls and floors and sad hollow rooms.

At Home Libraries are Still Popular for Homeowners

We have the ability to repaint, refinish and enhance if necessary. We then stage the homes in a layered concept that allows the potential buyer to see a beautifully executed home, with little hint of the “staging” process. The end result is that the finished project looks as if the present owner….lived well appointed. This is important. If the potential buyer gets the feeling there has been “staging” then they become distracted by what’s there and how it might have looked.

Call us if you are selling your home or if your real estate professional has recommended this process for you. We perform our home staging in Bergen County, specifically in Saddle River, Upper Saddle River and Hohokus, just to name a few of the towns in Bergen county that we service. We also stage homes in Morris Sussex and the rest of New Jersey and Delaware.buckingham Residence 026

Let us come to your home and determine if we can assist you in moving on to your next chapter.

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