The closing of Another Designer Show House

We have come to the last weekend of the VIA Rehoboth Beach Delaware Show House. It always goes so quickly.


What I really enjoy at these shows is the reactions and interactions with the people that walk through the house. I enjoy explaining the details that they see. It is important to let them absorb the layers that create a beautifully executed room. So often in our turbulent world we miss the little things that elevate the senses that expand our horizons when it comes to living well.


I love meeting people. There is nothing like one on one with people. Here in Rehoboth Beach there is a wonderful mix from all over…Washington, Baltimore, Philadelphia, all parts of New Jersey and New York. Last week I met a couple from Summit, New Jersey, another couple from Washington DC, Redondo Beach, California and Hell’s Kitchen, Manhattan all in one afternoon.


We say good bye to the Show, but the owners, who have built another house on the canal,  are selling this one and have been left with a refreshed and upgraded home ready to make new beach memories for the next family.


I also want to take this opportunity to thank the VIA (Village Improvement Association) for providing a comfortable and inviting atmosphere of help and cooperation throughout this endeavor. It was a joy to participate.

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