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"...The art of Interior Design is: understanding the client, not the trim of the sofa..."

Interior Designer Mark A. Polo brings over 30 years of professionalism and expertise as a residential Interior Designer and decorator to your home project. He works closely with his clients (among which are musicians, actors, doctors, lawyers, politicians, business executives, builders, and even other Interior Designers) to create professional and unique results. He integrates ease, function, elegance and style into their personal homes, improving not only their residences, but their lives as well. While there are many designers and decorators to choose from in the New Jersey, New York, Connecticut and Delaware metropolitan areas, few are able to interpret the wishes and dreams of their clients in the way that Mark Polo can and does.

"...I approach each space as if it were a canvas and put together things that are unexpected to draw you in..."

Every client is decidedly different, like a fingerprint. We all have different needs, styles and reasons for selecting the homes in which we live. Mark Polo embraces that criteria and seeks to forge a seamless integration of his client's desires and dreams while embracing their individuality.

When it Comes to Interior Design

How Polo M. A. Inc works:

We are a full service Interior Design firm that specializes in whole projects and individual rooms. Whether designing a home from the ground up or remodeling the home that you have loved for years, we enjoy working with your architect right from the very beginning to ensure that you have the right mix of function, beauty and personality infused into your project.

We work by forming a contract with you that is tailored to suit your needs. After the acceptance of the contract, we photograph and measure the areas included and check measurements against any existing plans that you have, thus assuring proper detailing. Once this process is completed, we go to the drawing board and style your spaces using the information from our interview process to give you at least two alternative views of the project. If we see more, you get more. We do not leave you out of the process. Once the details are set, we "dress the plan," selecting the furnishings, fabrics and accessories that make your vision a reality.

"Living well takes careful planning..."

You have planned your life down to every detail. From your education and career to your family and fun, every choice is studied and decided. Don’t leave the function of your home to “accidental organics.” Plan and execute your dreams of living well. You deserve it.

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A collection of completed projects from across the New Jersey and New York areas
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From Our Clients

  • Linda and I went down this weekend and saw the den. You and [the cabinet makers] did a fantastic job. Their craftsmanship is beautiful. The cabinets, the arc-way, the bookcases, the hardware - beautiful and impressive work. [It is a] magnificent (cannot think of enough words to describe their work) job they did.

    Dr. Ralph S., Annapolis, MD

  • I spoke with Artie and he couldn't say enough of the installation of the [library]. He loved it!! Good work as always.

    Linda S., Annapolis, MD

  • Thanks for all you're doing to get this project completed in first rate fashion... Sensational. We love the space and are truly grateful to you for your good and creative work on our behalf.

    Greg B., Tenafly, NJ

  • Thanks so much for your patience, Mark, and your beautiful taste, accommodating manner and fabulous sense of humor are appreciated by us both... you are a pleasure to work with!

    Gretchen F., Mountain Lakes, NJ

  • I love my drapery!!! So glad you talked me into them... I think the draperies look AMAZING. I'm very happy and I think the dining room is fabulous and perfect... all is wonderful.

    Karen F., Mountain Lakes, NJ

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